Kayti Martin, our first #CustomerSpotlight 

1. What is your name and what state are you from? Kayti Martin, Wisconsin 

2. What is a “fun fact” about you?I was an exchange student in Bolivia for 6 months my junior year of high school.... meaning I missed prom😮 

 3. Which of our products do you own?Lots of melts and going to order a candle or 2 next paycheck 🙂 

 4. How often do you use our products?A lot! I love all the different scents and the quality is awesome!

5. When do you use our products? (times, environment, mood, etc.)During the day mostly sometimes night. Moods change the scent. 

 6. Is there any scent you currently love? Anything bakery, #TisTheSeason, and #TooDamnEarly 

 7. What is one thing that you love about our company or our products? The owner is pretty darn awesome and works hard to make the products great quality and fun 🙂


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