About Us

The inspiration behind this company was a combination of the love for amazing scents and the desire to create a brand that embraced life's great moments as well as the shitty ones. As wax product addicts, we wanted to bring our customers great scents with a twist. We wanted a brand that was relatable with a highly sarcastic sense of humor. We may not be everyone's cup of tea, but that is just fine with us. We welcome all who can laugh at themselves and don't get easily offended. We want to bring into focus the topic of mental illness, as it is something that is near to our hearts. We have experienced firsthand the effects of mental illness and we want to continue to try to remove the stigma that it carries. There is nothing to be ashamed of. We are not defined by our mental illness. We can lead healthy, productive lives and, dammit, we will laugh at ourselves while doing it. We didn't choose this, but shit happens, and we will make the best of it.

Our company also wants to give back to the community. Every quarter, we highlight an organization that supports people struggling with mental illness and we will donate a percentage of our proceeds to that organization. Stop by our Fight The Stigma page to learn more about the chosen charity and how to support them. When you purchase from us, you are also making a difference in the life of those living with mental illness.

So put on your big girl (or boy) panties on, browse our store, and find a scent (or two) that you love. We hope to put a smile on your face and fill your place with really good smelly stuff.

Stay Sassy and Classy,

Beliz & Grant


Want to learn more about us and our brand? Click here to read our blog post on how our brand was born. 🖤